Coral summer

One of the biggest trends of the season has been the “off the shoulder” trend.
First, I’m glad to tell you we will be able to show our bronzed shoulders in autumn too – at least until the temperature is mild. Second, I’m happy to show you my new off the shoulder dress by Romwe.


Lace up

When outside is hot, it’s very difficult to dress up. I think that culotte pants are so easy to wear in town so I’m always searching for new ways to style them.


Keep it simple

Who said that an outfit should be complex to be beautiful? I only need a white blouse and a denim skirt.
When it’s hot outside, it’s very difficult to dress up.


Tropical Pants

How to bring summer in town? For me it’s easy: we only need tropical prints or, in this case, tropical pants. I love printed clothes in summer because they help me creating some interesting looks with a few items.
Tropical at the office
In this case, I wore a pair of tropical pants for a business look, even if it’s a fierce print it can be used at work by matching it with neutrals.


The trench coat season

This is the moment in which the wind is cool while the sun is mild, this is the trench coat season.
I think the trench coat is the essential piece every woman should have in her wardrobe, even the more minimalist one.