viaggio di nozze in cina

My honeymoon in China: that’s why we choose it

The honeymoon is a kind of life-journey. It’s a passage from carefreeness to responsibility. You leave, and when you come back everything is changed: new rules, new priorities, new reality.
That’s why it’s very important to choose the right place to go. The honeymoon is once in a lifetime.
It must be chosen in two, that’s clear.


Lace up

When outside is hot, it’s very difficult to dress up. I think that culotte pants are so easy to wear in town so I’m always searching for new ways to style them.
Some days ago I wore them with a lace up top, one of my new purchases. It’s very sexy and I think it must be balanced with a large bottom, like in this case.


Tropical Pants

How to bring summer in town? For me it’s easy: we only need tropical prints or, in this case, tropical pants. I love printed clothes in summer because they help me creating some interesting looks with a few items.
Tropical at the office
In this case, I wore a pair of tropical pants for a business look, even if it’s a fierce print it can be used at work by matching it with neutrals.