Modemoiselle was born in 2009 ad a fashion and personal style blog.

It’s totally written and managed by Myriam Sorbo, from Naples, graduated in Foreign languages and learned in Web Marketing.

Myriam starts her activity in the community of (the old website of the italian Vogue and Glamour ) and becomes an independent fashion blogger very soon, with italian and international followers.

Modemoiselle has grown up and now is a Style Blog talking about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Projects and rewards:

In 2012 Myriam appears on Cosmopolitan Italia with three pages about her personal style picks, then she becomes Official Blogger and Personal Shopper for Goldenpoint.

Since 2011 she’s been Blogger Ambassador for Sarenza and since 2012 she’s been the Official Blogger for the Micam Shoevent in Milan. In 2014 she’s the Official Blogger for the Artigianato e Palazzo fairy in Firenze; in the same year she’s chosen as Official Blogger for the Costume Colloquium IV event.

Actually she’s also beauty contributor of Glamour Italia.

She did many collaborations with brands/websites/firms always with honesty and sincerity towards her readers.

The curiosity: Modemoiselle is a wordplay between “mode” and “mademoiselle” which mean “fashion” and “lady” in French.