viaggio di nozze in cina

My honeymoon in China: that’s why we choose it

The honeymoon is a kind of life-journey. It’s a passage from carefreeness to responsibility. You leave, and when you come back everything is changed: new rules, new priorities, new reality.

That’s why it’s very important to choose the right place to go. The honeymoon is once in a lifetime.

It must be chosen in two, that’s clear. I was very lucky because both me and my husband wanted to go to the same destination. The motivation, it was the same too.

My honeymoon in China

A honeymoon in China could sound strange. Almost noone will suggest it, everybody will be surprised about it. Travel agencies tend to propose more popular destinations but I know I did the right choice.

I truly wanted to travel in China because I was attracted by the idea I had about this place. I wanted to taste the wonderful contrasts of a high growing country where you can find both ancient traditions, revolutionary spirit and great modernity.

The most surprising thing is that I’ve talked with people who visited China 10 years ago…and everything’s changed! That means China runs so fast towards the future and I’ve been a witness of it.

I visited the imperial town of Bejing, the revealing sites of Xi’an, the naturalistic Guilin and the futuristic Shanghai. I’m talking about all this very soon. Stay tuned!

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