What to see in Girona in a day

Girona is almost knows as the secondary airport of Barcelona. It’s the pit-stop of everybody’s visiting the region of Catalonia or the French Pyrenees.

But, you must know that Girona is a town rich in history that’s worth a visit.

The location of Game of Thrones

Yes, the tiny streets of the old Girona were the set of many scenes of Game of Thrones, the cult TV series. Here you can find the places of King’s Landing, the Cathedral of the High Sparrow. More, many scenes of Bravos were filmed in this town.

Today I’m telling you what to see in Girona in a day. Next time you land there you’ll know what to do!

Girona is a charming town with two different faces: the ancient and the modern one. The ancient town is medieval and  it’s characterized by many tiny streets. The modern town has regular and well organised roads with modern shops, the bus and train stations.

What to see in Girona in a day

Here’s the must-see places in Girona you can’t really miss:

what to see in girona in a day

Las Casas Penjades on the Onyar river

Literally the Hanging Houses, these colorful buildings mark the beginning of the Barri Vell (old town). Once they were the houses of the fishermen of Girona and they’re really attached over the old fenced area.

The Pont de les Pescateries Velles

It’s a bridge that crosses the Casas Penjades. It was built by Gustave Eiffel, the same one who designed the Tour Eiffel in Paris! It’s painted of red because the old wooden bridge was red.

The Tarlà de l’Argenteria

Once you passed the river, you can find the Rambla of Girona, a very large street with stands and shops. At the end of the Rambla you’ll find a strange man just over your head! It’s the Tarlà, a doll indeed. It’s placed there during springtime and it remember the period of the Plague, when people was forced to stay in quarantine and an acrobat called Tarlà entertained them.

Cathedrals and Churchs

Girona is a Catholic town so it’s full of churches. Almost all of them are Medieval buildings, they’re very charming and majestic. In the old town you will find the Cathedral and the Church of Saint Feliu.

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