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Denim Trend: What’s IN and what’s OUT about Jeans

September is the month of the new beginnings in fashion: the “September Issue” is always the most important one because it deals with the new trends of the season.

So we’re getting ready to start this month with the right dose of fashion. Today I’m talking about the denim trend of the season.

What’s IN and what’s OUT about jeans?

OUT is everything skinny and second skin. OUT is low waist.

IN is the relaxing fit and the high waist.

Denim Trend

Concerning models, here’s the coolest kind of jeans according to the new denim trend:

Slim fit 

These are the new skinny jeans, more elegant and classy. Indeed they’re the favourite jeans of the french girls. They’re perfect both with sweatshirt+sneakers and blouse+pumps.


They leave the ankle bare in a feminine way. They can have the ripped hem or can be flared – the so-called kick flared jeans. I think they’re great with high heels.

Relaxed fit

They’re called boyfriend, girlfriend, mum… very comfortable and slouchy, they give a relaxed touch at the outfit.

Ph. source: lefashion | netaporter | pinterest | promod
First photo: my outfit on MODEMOISELLE

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